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Common chimney issues that require repair

Winter is almost on the verge of ending, so no more worrying about snow, keeping warm, using shovels and other winter day hassles. Apparently, you won’t be bothered anymore about your fireplace or the chimney! However, being a chimney repair expert of DC, Maryland and Virginia, we at Sweep Your Chimney DMV feel it as our responsibility to let you know that even if the winter season is gone you should be thinking about these before cool weather returns.

It is perhaps the best time to take care of your chimney or any outstanding chimney repairs that you may have. As the temperature starts to drop, you should schedule your services as early as possible. We have listed three common chimney repairs that our technicians can offer you in this spring or summer. Check out the chimney repair services we specialize in below.

We have been in this industry for years and hence know the right time to get your chimney repair scheduled. Following are a few of the chimney repair service we carry out during spring and summer seasons:

#1: Masonry Repair

If your chimney masonry is faulty, damaged or crumbling then you must take care of it ahead of the winter season. It will help you avoid future issues with the chimney masonry. One of the most common techniques of repairing the issues with the brickwork is known as “tuck-pointing” where the technicians make use of two different colors of mortar. One color is the look alike of the original mortar and the other is the one that matches with it. Two different colors are used to make the chimney look like new. Moreover, it also helps in preventing chimney fires as the structure is no longer susceptible to moisture.

#2: Chimney Relining

Often one of the major concerns when it comes to chimneys is the cracks in the flue which may put your safety in question, therefore it is important for you to address the issue as quick as possible. Usually, most of the chimneys are built with flue liners that allow smoke and gases to vent out properly out of your home. But when there is a crack noticed in the liner, it increases the risk of fire. That is why; you must invest in a new chimney liner for avoiding the risk of fire. Typically, we replace clay tile liners with steel liners because these are way more durable and sturdy.

#3: Repairing of Chimney Cap

The chimney cap plays a vital role in protecting your chimney as it restricts water from entering the chimney. That is why; any issues with your chimney cap needs to be inspected and repaired right away. By taking our annual chimney inspection services you will let our technicians to tell you whether your chimney cap requires repair or not. And in case any issue is found our technicians will make sure to fix it professionally. So you should not hesitate to schedule chimney repair services.

We always employ experienced technicians to handle any type of chimney issues for our customers located in Rockville, MD , serving all the DMV area. If you are looking for professional and experience experts for chimney repair in DC, Maryland or Virginia, you can get in touch with us today!

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