Chimney Inspection Services in MD, VA, and DC

A clean, well-maintained chimney is vital to your home’s overall well-being. At Sweep Your Chimney, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in Maryland, Virginia, and DC ensure their home’s efficiency through professional chimney inspection services. 

With years of experience under our belts, we’re not just any chimney service company; we’re your neighbors dedicated to keeping your heart happy and healthy. Whether it’s regular maintenance or urgent care your chimney needs, we’re here to sweep away your worries!

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Why Chimney Inspection is Essential

A thorough chimney inspection is crucial in preventing fire hazards and structural damage. Our levels of inspection will ensure your chimney is in optimal shape.

Level 1 Inspection

The inspector checks for the overall soundness your chimney’s structure and flue and the basic appliance installation and connections. It’s recommended for chimneys that are in regular use under normal conditions.

Level 2 Inspection 

Usually recommended when any changes are made to your system, such as a change in the fuel type, changes to the shape or material of the flue, or replacement or addition of appliances. This inspection often requires special tools, like cameras, to inspect the flue and check for leaks or damage inside the chimney.

Level 3 Inspection 

Level 3 involves the examination of concealed areas of the chimney. Certain parts of the building or chimney may need to be removed to adequately access and inspect the problem area. It’s conducted to investigate known or suspected problems concerning the chimney structure or flue.

What Makes Sweep Your Chimney Stand Out

Certified Experts

Our team isn’t just experienced; they’re certified experts with specialized training in chimney cleaning, inspection, and repair. We know chimneys inside and out.

Comprehensive Service

From the initial inspection to the final check, our process covers every aspect of your chimney. We leave no stone unturned, or in this case, no flue unchecked.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at inspections. We offer comprehensive chimney leak repairs, cleaning, and maintenance services to keep your chimney in pristine condition.

Reliable Financing

We understand that chimney maintenance and repairs can be unexpected expenses at Sweep Your Chimney. That’s why we’re proud to offer financing options to help make the process more manageable for homeowners. 

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Keep Your Chimney in Peak Condition

Your peace of mind starts with an efficient chimney. At Sweep Your Chimney, we bring expertise, dedication, and friendly service to your doorstep in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. 

With our comprehensive chimney inspection, cleaning, and leak repair services, we’ve got everything you need to keep your chimney—and, by extension, your home— efficient and worry-free. Let us take care of the dirty work so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of your fireplace without a second thought.

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