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Gas Fireplace Repair & Inspection

We Provide Gas Fireplace Repair Services

Wood burning fireplaces are lovely, but gas fireplaces have many advantages. You can get a more consistent heat source by using a gas fireplace. With a gas log fireplace, you don’t have to pull a muscle or clean your clothes with logs kept outdoors. There are no sparks or floating embers in gas fireplaces, which is a big plus if you have children who get too close to the fireplace. Compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces and chimneys, you won’t see the same build-up of byproducts with a gas fireplace. Sweep Your Chimney can assist you if you need any gas fireplace repair services.

What are the main problems with gas fireplaces?

Two overriding problems are common to gas fireplaces, almost always leading to gas fireplace repair work for onsite repair.

If your gas fireplace doesn’t light up, it could be a problem with the pilot light, thermopile, closed gas valve, or a faulty thermocouple.

Even with clean-burning propane or natural gas, deposits can build up in the flue and block gas from escaping; this is extremely dangerous.

So What’s Wrong With My Pilot Light?

The pilot light system is one of the most common reasons there is no fire in your gas fireplace. No matter what may be causing the issue with your pilot light, you can depend on Sweep Your Chimney to solve the problem. If the main gas valve is turned on, we will check the pilot tubing for excess air or if there is a problem with another component, such as the igniter. We will give you a detailed explanation of what will need to be done to make the repairs.

Increase The Heat To Your Home

A gas fireplace insert is a popular way to increase the heating efficiency of your home. The size difference between the new fireplace appliance and the masonry chimney is one of the things that should be considered when you are working on a home improvement project. Masonry chimneys are usually larger than newer appliances, and this size mismatch can lead to severe problems, like incomplete combustion and condensation. If you want a correctly sized flue for your new gas fireplace insert, Sweep Your Chimney can make a custom liner for it to work as efficiently as possible.

Why Get a Gas Fireplace Serviced?

Even though they burn cleanly, with no smoke, cinders, or wood ash left behind and no sooty chimneys to clean out, gas fireplaces need regular maintenance and service to run safely and extend their lifespan.

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