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Chimney Liner Installation

Chimney Liner Replacement Is About Safety

Sometimes homeowners don’t see why their chimney needs a chimney liner solution until they see photographic or video evidence of the damage. According to statements issued by the National Fire Protection Association, cracks, gaps, and other damage to a chimney’s flue liner should result in removal and replacement or relining for safety and structure reasons. We are happy to go over the building and fire codes at Sweep Your Chimney that discusses the factors involved in providing maximum safety for our customers.

8 Reasons to Repair or Replace Chimney Liners

There are many reasons why your chimney might need to be relined. Even though new chimney systems must be lined and older chimneys must be grandfathered in, many still operate without this very important safety tool.

Here is a list of reasons you might need to consider a chimney liner repair for your home:

  • Clay mortar can be deteriorated or eroded.
  • There are cracks in the liner or tiles of the flue.
  • The clay is spalling or flaking on the liner walls.
  • The tiles have gaps between them.
  • The chimney was struck by lightning or suffered water damage or settling of the home. 
  • Older chimneys that don’t have chimney liners are required to upgrade.
  • The liners are either worn or deteriorated.
  • It’s important to size the chimney for a new appliance or to start performing properly.

Even though a chimney liner might not seem like an essential part of your chimney and fireplace, but in reality, it’s a critical piece of any chimney structure because it improves the safety of your fireplace and home while enhancing its performance. Additionally, a chimney liner is required to be present to pass inspection for property transfer.  

If I Upgrade My Furnace, Boiler, or Water Heater Appliance, Do I Need to Reline My Chimney?

It’s absolutely essential that your chimney liner is in excellent working condition. If you don’t have a working chimney liner, dangerous gases can easily spill back into the rest of your house. When exposed to carbon monoxide, the consequences can be fatal. Not only that, you could be at serious risk for a chimney fire.  When you are upgrading or replacing your water heater, boiler or furnace you should definitely consider replacing the chimney liner and contacting a professional chimney liner company.  The Chimney Safety Institute of America has some information about gas and oil furnace chimneys.

Sweep Your Chimney provides liner replacement services for all types of appliances, not just the fireplace, call us today.

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