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Chimney Leak Repair

What to do when the rain comes for your leaking chimney

When the rain comes and you notice a moisture problem we can help find the cause of your chimney leak, it tends to be a process of elimination when the problem isn’t obvious.  Here are a few common causes:

Missing or wrongly sized chimney cap – If your chimney isn’t protected by a professional chimney cap, rainwater can enter the chimney flue and cascade straight down the chimney, soaking masonry and the bricks of your fireplace on the way down.

Cracked and broken chimney crown – The chimney crown is the cement cover that sits on top of your chimney, it protects flue tiles and liner. If cracks exist in this cement or mortar, water can soak through and cause moisture damage all throughout your flue system even down into the fireplace and damper.

Damaged masonry – Small cracks and gaps in the masonry will allow water to enter your home.  Eventually, these waterlogged bricks will crumble and deteriorate when the water freezes and thaws.  In addition, storms and harsh weather will have a negative effect on masonry over time.  Masonry will eventually need to be inspected and if necessary repaired.

Missing chimney liner – A chimney liner is what protects the inside of your flue. It provides a level of safety as it contains and directs the fireplace combustion products safely outside of the home. Since combustion products can and often do contain moisture,  a chimney liner protects the chimney masonry getting damaged from condensation as your chimney temperatures go down.  If you have a cracked or missing chimney liner, you are susceptible to moisture damage.

Improper flashing on your chimney – Chimney flashing keeps water from entering the house where the brick structure meets or comes through the roof. If your chimney flashing is old and deteriorating or damaged during a repair to your existing roof there can be a gap in between the roof and your chimney, allowing rainwater to enter your home.

Missing Chimney Cricket – Water ponding on the uphill side of the chimney can cause leaks.  If your chimney is downhill from the roof’s peek, the uphill side can catch water and hold it there like a pond.  Most flashing will degrade and rust after a while and allow water to infiltrate your home.  A cricket diverts water to either side of the chimney stopping the ponding of water.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America talks plenty about this subject on their website, click here to read about chimney leaks on their website.

At Sweep Your Chimney, we excel at identifying these issues and the right course of action for our customers.  If you notice rainfall coming inside, call us right away.

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