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How often should my chimney be inspected and cleaned

The job of the chimney sweep is to get rid of soot, obstructions and creosote build-up from your chimney firebox, liner, damper and smoke chamber.

How often chimney inspection should be scheduled?

Chimney inspection should be scheduled once a year. To ensure all your systems are in functional order & running as they should, it’s suggested that homeowners get their chimney inspected at least once a year. Most homeowners look to have professional chimney cleaning near me in Virginia every year, particularly if they make use of their fireplace on a daily basis.

How often should I get my chimney cleaned?

It depends on how much you use your stove or fireplace. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fireplaces, vents and chimneys should be inspected at least once a year for reliability, freedom from build-ups, and right clearances. Maintenance, repairs and cleaning need to be done if required. So, even if you don’t make use of your chimney very often – raccoons, birds, squirrels and other critters may have been using your chimney making it hazardous to use without clearing the hoarded debris from nesting activity.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a fireplace must be cleaned when 1/8″ of smutty deposit is evident in the chimney & flue system. If any coating is visible in the flue, cleaning needs to be done even if there’s less than 1/8″ of deposit. Any time a considerable build-up of smoke & creosote happens it can be adequate to trigger a chimney fire that can damage the chimney and even spread to the home. Also, furnace flue systems need cleaning, so don’t overlook periodic cleaning of those venting units.

Some heavy use fireplaces generate massive volume of soot & creosote during a cleaning. Getting rid of this material is important to enjoy continuous safe use of the fireplace and decreased risk of chimney fires.

What’s the best time to clean a chimney?

Most preferably, prior to the beginning of the burning season during the summer, spring or early fall. Before you think about building a fire as the weather has changed, is the time to book the best chimney cleaners near Rockville.

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