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Are you looking for professional chimney and fireplace services in Columbia, MD? Sweep Your Chimney has the professional solutions you need to ensure the safety and efficiency of your fireplace. We can handle projects large and small — from installing new gas fireplaces to cleaning your chimney. Trust our experts with every one of your chimney and fireplace needs.

Wondering which chimney and fireplace services we offer in Columbia, MD? Take a look at the most popular offerings and reach out today to schedule an appointment:

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chimney crown repair and replacement company near me


Looking for information about the health of your chimney or fireplace for your Columbia home? We can get your home ready for sale with a chimney inspection. Not selling your house? It’s still important to schedule an inspection to pinpoint any potential issues.

chimney cleaning company near me


Chimney care, mainly cleaning, forms a significant chunk of the services we provide to our clients. By regularly servicing your chimney, you ensure the safety of your home and loved ones by preventing a buildup of creosote, which could ignite a chimney fire if heated too much.

chimney damage


Does your chimney look a little worse for wear? We can help restore the beauty and functionality of your chimney with our professional repair services.

add a log to the fire at Christmas


If your fireplace is several years old, it may need some attention from a certified technician. Our fireplace repair services encompass a variety of solutions, including firebox repair, gas valve repair, hearth repair, igniter repair, and mantel repair. These services ensure your fireplace functions properly, offering warmth and comfort in your home. Prevent costly issues and prolong the life of your fireplace with our chimney and fireplace services in Columbia, MD, today.

gas fireplace installation company Rockville Maryland


We service and repair all gas fireplaces and log sets, including vented, vent-free, direct vent, and B-vent. As we perform repairs, we will check the gas supply, wiring, and other vital components to ensure the safety of your gas fireplace.

wood fireplace


A well-maintained wood fireplace offers a comfortable temperature during the freezing winter months and can also add a unique visual element to your home. Our team in Columbia, MD, specializes in spotting issues with your wood-burning fireplace and can quickly repair these problems, guaranteeing that your fireplace works at its peak.

dryer vent company in Rockville Maryland


Our expert dryer vent cleaning service significantly minimizes the likelihood of fire hazards, thereby enhancing the safety of your home. Experience the enhanced performance of your dryer and appreciate the advantages of reduced energy expenses with our top-notch dryer vent cleaning service!

Fireplace Installation

Looking to enhance your home’s ambiance? Turn to our exceptional fireplace installation services. Our team can cater to your unique preferences. Whether you desire the rustic warmth of wood fireplaces, the convenience of gas fireplaces, or the contemporary allure of electric inserts, we can bring your dreams to reality. Trust our skilled technicians to provide a seamless installation that blends safety with aesthetics.

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Chimney Liner Services

Our chimney liner services for Columbia, MD, are crucial for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your fireplace. These services involve installing, repairing, or replacing the liner that protects your home from heat and prevents carbon monoxide leaks. A well-maintained liner also improves the performance of your chimney, ensuring optimal draft for efficient combustion. Speak to our team today about professional chimney liner services that can help extend its lifespan and enhance your home’s safety and comfort.

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As a chimney company that prides itself on being family-owned, licensed, and insured, we are committed to delivering superior service to our clients and communities. Our team of certified professionals handles each task with utmost commitment and meticulousness. We operate on principles of fair pricing, exceptional cleanliness, and minimal disruption to homeowners, treating you as we would like to be treated in our own homes. If you have any questions about our chimney and fireplace services in Columbia, MD, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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    Our dedication is towards guaranteeing your absolute satisfaction with every task we embark on.

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    Each service is completed by certified professionals and industry experts. With us, you only receive the highest quality solutions for your chimney and fireplace needs.

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    Your safety and protection are our primary concerns. You receive superior work carried out by seasoned technicians who are certified and insured.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our chimney and fireplace services in Columbia, MD? Take a look at the most commonly asked questions below, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions.

The act of chimney cleaning includes the removal of creosote from your chimney’s flue system to prevent potential chimney fires. Alongside your yearly inspection, getting your chimney cleaned ranks among the most effective measures you can take for the safety of your home and family. Over a period, substances like creosote and other flammable byproducts of your warm fire can accumulate within your chimney’s flue system. If the buildup reaches a substantial level, typically around ⅛ inch, it becomes necessary to clean your chimney to avoid the risk of a chimney fire.

A thorough inspection and chimney cleaning guarantees that your chimney is devoid of any possible fire risks, including creosote accumulation and blockages caused by animal nests or other debris. These hazards could result in the premature wearing out of your chimney and, if ignited by the intense heat of the flames, can instigate a chimney fire. An inspection also uncovers any structural or internal damage to the chimney that might threaten the safety of your home.

If the term “soot” has you worried about the cleanliness of your home, we completely understand your apprehension. However, there’s no cause for alarm. Our team possesses excellent training in customer service — we’re skilled at leaving your home just as spotless as we found it. We use fresh sheets and tarps to cover everything in the room to capture any loose debris, and our technicians wear clean shoe covers to prevent leaving footprints. We can even spread tarps from your front door to the fireplace to ensure the cleanliness of your home.

Look to the spring season for your chimney cleaning. While fall is often recommended, spring is an opportune time to make sure your fireplace is in top condition. After months of not being used in the summer, your chimney will not accumulate dirt and creosote. This means that cleaning in spring will prepare it for the upcoming colder months when you’re likely to start using it again.

Getting an annual inspection is the best way to keep your chimney and home safe. This comprehensive check ensures structural integrity, absence of deposits, and proper clearances. Remember, even if your fireplace sees minimal use, environmental factors like animal nests or gradual deterioration can compromise its safety, so don’t skip having your chimney inspected.

Common signs include a powerful, unpleasant odor originating from your fireplace, visible splits or damage in the chimney masonry, white deposits on the chimney’s exterior, rust on the firebox or damper, and smoke within your home when the fireplace is active. If you notice any of these indications, it’s critical to contact our chimney repair company in Columbia, MD, for a detailed inspection and repairs.

It’s generally not recommended to use your fireplace if you suspect there might be an issue or if it hasn’t been inspected or cleaned in a while. Using a faulty or dirty chimney can lead to a range of problems, including potential fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and inefficient functioning. It’s always better to wait until our professional fireplace service team in Columbia, MD, has had the opportunity to clean and inspect your fireplace before using it again.

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