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What Does A Chimney Inspection Entail?

An annual chimney inspection performed by a qualified professional can help prevent deadly carbon monoxide intrusion and chimney fires. These inspections can also identify potential system issues to address them before they become costly.

Our inspector will look at your chimney for problems such as:

  • Damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles
  • Damage caused by chimney fires
  • Inspect the structure for wear and tear
  • Verify there are no obstructions
  • Determine how much creosote has built-up and if sweeping is needed

If you notice issues with your chimney, fireplace, or heating system, it may mean there is something in need of repair or service.  Don’t delay; it’s time to get it fixed. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done, resulting in more expensive repairs or even loss of property. Before it’s too late, choose to get an annual inspection.

There are three levels of Chimney Inspections

The three levels of inspection outlined by the National Fire Protection Association are based on the circumstances that triggered the review.  Sweep Your Chimney can handle all three levels of inspection for your chimney or fireplace.

Level 1

This inspection level is a basic level that involves looking at the readily accessible portions of your chimney, checking that the structure is sound, and ensuring that all the components are working correctly. This level of inspection is the typical annual inspection if your chimney is in good shape and you have not had any problems with your fireplace.

Level 2

With a level 2 inspection equipment such as a camera is often used to inspect the inside of your chimney.  The inspector will look at your attic, crawl space, or basement without using special tools. When there are changes to your chimney, such as a change in fuel type or a new liner, you’ll should get this kind of inspection done. If you have noticed or suspected any damage to your chimney system, opt for the level 2 inspection. When you sell your homeyou need this level of chimney and fireplace inspection.

Level 3

A thorough inspection of the entire chimney, including any hidden portions, can only be accomplished using special tools. The chimney may have to be torn down or rebuilt depending on what needs to be repaired. Your chimney professional discusses any areas of concern with the homeowner before the inspection to ensure that the examination gets access to the critical areas of trouble with the chimney.

Getting a chimney inspection or fireplace inspection with Sweep Your Chimney is easy!

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