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Chimney Damper Repair and Replacement in Maryland, Virginia and DC

What is a chimney damper anyway?

A chimney damper sometimes referred to as a Fireplace damper or throat damper is a lid or seal located inside your chimney flue. The chain or pull system is located near the top of the firebox.

A chimney damper covers the flue of your chimney, preventing cold air from down drafting into your chimney and entering your home when not in use. When the fireplace is in use, you open the damper to allow smoke to exit through the chimney.

The chimney damper controls the flow of smoke in and out of the chimney. The ability to use your fireplace effectively is impaired when these chimney dampers become damaged or broken.

Maybe you’ve never opened your damper or you wonder what the experts say about how they work. Check out the Chimney Safety Institute of America and see what they have to say about your chimney or fireplace damper.

Constantly warm and cold air from fires and downdrafts can warp or crack your chimney damper. The process of damage can take a long time, but as it’s not something people think to check often, the damage can be costly if ignored. The only way to fix the issue is with a chimney damper repair.

Common Problems With Chimney Dampers

Several problems can arise if you don’t maintain your chimney damper.

  • The direction of smoke can be affected by the Flue Damper Plate being off track.
  • Cold air enters your home through a downdraft from the outside, disrupting your heating and cooling costs.
  • The damper does not allow the right amount of smoke to escape.
  • The damper won’t close; it will enable air to run from your home.
  • Your fireplace becomes useless until the damper being closed can be resolved.
  • The damper plate is cracked, broken, or completely fallen into the firebox.

If you ever wonder why an annual chimney inspection and maintenance program are critical for your home, a damper problem during a cold winter evening will make that very apparent. Call Sweep Your Chimney today so we can keep your chimney dampers in proper working order.

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