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Chimney Crown Repair and Replacement

Protect Your Chimney From Leaks

A properly installed chimney crown allows water to escape from the top of the chimney. Water can enter the underlying brick and mortar if it is worn, porous or cracked, leading to the destruction of the masonry portion of the chimney. Water penetration and the progressive destruction of the brick chimney structure can be achieved by porosity at the top of the chimney.

Porous chimney crowns can allow water to be absorbed into the brick and mortar joints rather than being directed off the top and sides of the chimney. Over time, moisture that pools on top of the brick structure can cause the underlying brick and mortar to crack and fall apart. Water freezing and expanding can cause bricks and mortar to split.

Chimney Quality Is Out Of Site From The Ground

Penetrating water can affect the chimney flashing. Defective chimney flashing may allow water into the house, causing stains, damage to wood floors, or other interior finishes. It’s essential to ensure that the chimney components are properly removing water. Even a cursory view from the ground may indicate brick or mortar damage caused by a faulty chimney crown.

What is Freeze-Thaw Damage?

If you light a fire in your fireplace or wood stove in the winter, the chimney will heat up and cool down. The expansion and contraction of your chimney crown will be caused by the freeze and thaw of the water. This process eventually causes it to crack and degrade, which is why it is vital to prevent water from entering the chimney crown in the first place.

Chimney crowns will either need to be repaired or completely replaced, depending on the severity of the damage. A qualified chimney sweep in your area, such as Sweep Your Chimney, can perform the replacement and repair of your crown, and costs vary greatly because each home has a unique situation. The best way to repair your chimney crowns if the cracks aren’t too severe is with an elastomeric product that will remain flexible over time.  Call the professionals at Sweep Your Chimney today so we can provide you with the best path forward for your chimney needs.

chimney crown repair and replacement Rockville MD
Chimney crown repairs and installation Rockville Maryland

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