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Meet the owners of Sweep Your Chimney DMV

Sweep Your Chimney is a local & family-owned business that specializes in complete chimney services. This includes chimney inspections, chimney repairs, fireplace cleanings, chimney liners, gas fireplace installations, and much more. Eden Natanzon and her husband Jacob founded the business themselves. They both worked in the chimney industry for about five years and established their own business just three years ago. Jacob and Eden were born & raised in Israel, where fireplaces and chimneys are rare. They found this industry magical and a sign of a beautiful culture in America. They both agree that there is nothing better than sitting in front of a fireplace with your family when the winter hits during the snow.

Jacob and I were born and raised in Israel”, Eden explains. “We met each other in Maryland and know that we have many common friends in Israel. We always dreamed about having our own business. We truly believe that we couldn’t find a better partner for life & business. Jacob is very knowledgeable and passionate about the chimney industry, and I love everything related to the back office and customer service.”

“When I met Jacob, he was already working in the industry in a different company,” she continues. “He always wanted to have his own business to manage how he believed worked best. It’s always easier when you do things yourself and make sure you are executing everything the way you prefer. He and I met through my best friend and his cousin, and we have always been great together. In terms of Jacob and I working together, I believe we both have different strengths that complement each other. I know how to manage and work well with people, and he has a lot of expertise in this area, so I thought if we are living together, we might as well work together too! Overall we love serving customers and love the feedback we get when we help people. Our top priority is to keep our clients safe & warm. We drive our company under the role of safety, quality, and honesty.”

Their current business philosophy is to focus on educating customers! Most people don’t know much about their chimney system. Many don’t know how it works, the science behind it, and the importance of a proper condition, and some of them are not even aware that they have a chimney. Chimneys are much more than just a fireplace. Today, most furnaces, boilers & water heaters are vented through a chimney system and used every day. Sweep Your Chimney makes it a goal to make sure people know and understand how their system works and why it’s so important to keep maintaining it by a professional.

“Right now, we are focusing on growing,” Eden explains when asked what the future holds for Sweep Your Chimney. ‘We hope to hire more people and make sure that we take the time to educate them to keep our work top quality. Ultimately, we are here to service – I don’t like the word sales, as we aren’t just doing one thing then leaving. Instead, we provide a full service and make sure our customer understands precisely what we are doing and why at every step of the way. In terms of clients, we work a lot in Montgomery County, where we are based, but not only. We also service Howard County, PG County, Fairfax County, and DC. Overall, we are all around the DMV area. We love serving customers; most of the time during the day, we’re getting into a house where the client has a problem. Our job is to find the reason for the problem and provide the best solution. It’s satisfying to help people stay safe in their own houses.”

Eden stresses the importance of people taking care of their chimney system annually. “We recommend inspecting the chimney at least once a year, regardless of if it’s ever been used on not. Exterior damages to your chimney system, like moisture or cracks, can cause damage to the interior of the house & structure. You want to ensure that your chimney system is safe and up to code. We see chimneys every day, but it’s not something they see or use every day for many clients. For them, it’s Chimney Day! We always try to make our visit interesting and meaningful. We let the client be part of the process and see what we’re doing, telling jokes about Mary Poppins & Santa Claus to make it fun for everyone. Sweep Your Chimney is above and beyond just sweeping. Besides working with homeowners, we’re also working closely with realtors & property managers. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) required chimneys to be inspected at least once a year and upon sale or transfer of a property. We help many real estate agents inspect chimneys while servicing a buyer or seller.